AI Website Builder for Agencies

Build custom quality professional sites in a fraction of the time with our AI website creator. Your customers will thank you while you make more money!

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Scale Your Agency with Autolauncher™

Our Autolauncher™ website technology allows you to scale your business by offering a new service or, if you already offer websites, increasing the efficiency and profits while providing a significantly faster design and development experience for your customers.

Built on WordPress
Portable + Flexible

All websites are built on WordPress, the most popular and SEO friendly platform available, so they’re easy to customize, integrate and keep secure. In addition, clients actually own their website, rather than “rent” it from platforms who limit changes and portability.

Instant Content
AI "Instant" Writer

Use our AI writer tool or one of the industry-specific templates to instantly generate relevant copy. Of course, your clients can use their own copy too. Either way, you’ll never worry about content creation slowing down the build process again.

Industry Specific Design
Specialist vs Generalist

All designs, features and content are based on the best practices of your clients specific industry, making you a specialist rather than a generalist.

All things being equal, people will usually choose an expert who understands their business.

Agency Dashboard
Total Visibility + Control

Your agency’s hub. Effortlessly manage your white label, monitor billing, and foster client connections through the CRM.

From real-time project tracking to meticulous audits and insightful automated reports, it’s your comprehensive solution for streamlined agency management.

Agency Pricing

Find your sweet spot. We have a plan for every stage of your agency’s growth.

Entry Plan


for up to 5 sites
+ $50* per month per live website


for up to 10 sites
+ $40* per month per live website
Unlimited Plan


for unlimited sites
+ $30* per month per live website

One-time setup fee of $500.

* includes 2 hours of edits/ light dev help and does not include any 3rd party pass through fees

Suggested Retail Pricing
Website: $750 – $1500
Hosting/Maintenance: $75 – $125 per month

The Dapper Sites Difference

Dapper Sites empowers your agency to make more money by building high quality sites

How You'll Compare

There are many website providers. However, your price, speed and quality of work will be tough to beat.  Product and service of a custom agency with the speed and pricing of a DIY tool.


Custom Agency

Cost to Client
From $3K +$150/mo
Ready in
2-4 months
Premium Templates
Additional Cost
Effort required
Client Owns Site

Dapper Sites

Cost to Client (example)
$799 +$75/mo
Ready in
24-36 hours
Premium Templates
Effort required
Client Owns Site

DIY Platforms

From $300-500 +$25/mo
Ready in
1-2 months
Premium Templates
Additional Cost
Effort required
Client Owns Site

Launch Sites That Are Day-One Ready

Not just ready in a day – ready to PERFORM on day one! Ready to capture leads, ready to market!

Ready to Capture Leads
CRM Available

Advanced lead generation via the built-in CRM allows prospects to save searches, collect emails and comparative market analysis.

Ready to Market
USer (and SEO) Friendly Design

Built with the user experience in mind – and search engine optimization under the hood. Our sites are built for search engines to index directly on your client’s domain. 

And our sites are mobile responsive out of the box, both for enhanced user experience, and to enhance SEO scores!

Complete Feature Set
customizable look + FEEL

Not just another pretty site.  Enable Testimonials, Blogs, Newsletters, Community Content, and CRM.

Easy Integrations
Fully Integrated

We integrate with the tools your clients need, regardless of industry – from MLS listing for realtors, to menu management for restaurants.

1-on-1 demo
See how Dapper Sites helps your agency maximize revenue by empowering you to produce top-quality AI websites at 10X speed, driven by AI tools, at a reasonable price!